Distributed Power Generation Association is one of the dynamic industrial unions of Russia consolidating enterprises and organizations conducting their activity in the sphere of distributed and alternative power generation and related sectors. The Association is functioning in accordance with Constitution of the Russian Federation, Civil Code of the Russian Federation, Russian Federal Law No. 7-FZ dated 12.01.1996 “On Non-Commercial Organizations” and adopted Articles of Association (the Charter).

General strategic aim of the Association is consolidation of joint efforts of concerned parties to arrange and develop distributed and alternative power generation market in Russia. Nowadays the Association unites potential of leading enterprises and organizations of the country: power equipment manufacturers, supply, generation and distribution companies, fuel resources suppliers, design and installation companies as well as investors, representatives of financial institutions, regional and federal government officials and business communities.

Mission of the Association
Creation of favorable conditions for activities of Members of Association by protection of their interests and arrangement of effective interaction between participants involved in the industrial sector. Facilitation of comprehensive balanced development of distributed and alternative power generation in the Russian Federation including implementation of the best world’s practices.
Association membership privilege
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