Interaction with financial institutes

Distributed Power Generation Association provides an effective platform for start and further execution of business co-project together with the industrial union members on the basis of principle of fairness, openness and honesty serving financial interests of all the parties concerned.

The Association accumulates experience and competencies of companies to provide the market with competitive offers. It also interacts with financial institutes, bank structures and investment companies including foreign ones in order to search for investments for business co-projects.

Nowadays the distributed power generation market is attractive for investments: the cost of electrical power on separate power generation object amounts to 1,1 - 1,7 rubles per 1kW/h in comparison with current cost for SME’s amounting to 4 - 5 rubles per 1kW/h. Herewith mini-CHP have a short payback period – within 3-4 years. In 2016 investments into power generation objects construction in Russia amounted to 40 mlrb. rubles and as of the end of 2018 this value will be exceeded. A retail market of electrical power is developing in Russia that will enable owners of power generation objects and investors to produce and sell power surplus.

The Association actively works to provide ready-made cooperation suggestions in terms of energy service contracts (it means the consumer is free from financial expenses for mini-CHP construction but receives electrical power cost discount from the owner of power generation object to the extent of mutual agreements).

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