International cooperation

Distributed Power Generation Association is comprehensively cooperation with international industrial organizations in order to exchange experience and attract advanced technologies: German Energy Agency «DENA», German Biomass Research Center (DBFZ), Russian-French Center for Energy Efficiency (RFCEE), EREDA S.L.U., Japan Agency for Natural Resources and Energy (ANRE), etc.

Since February 2018 Maksim Zagornov, the President of Distributed Power Generation Association, is appointed as the Business Ambassador of “Delovaya Rossiya” in United Arab Emirates. The position of the Business Ambassador enables to cooperate with representatives of authorities and offices of Diplomatic corps of the Russian Federation on the territory UAE; to participate in activities of intergovernmental bodies as regard to trade and economic cooperation between the Russian Federation and UAE; to negotiate with public authorities and representatives of business community of UAE to the extent of business promotion.

UAE is the top-rank country sparking interest in terms of export development (according to Russian export center data). Such knowledge consumptive sectors as electric energy, alternative and distributed energy are regarded to be prospective directions for cooperation.

The Association ensures events under the auspices of the union hold by the key international industry organizations (including the International Award “Distributed power generation – great achievements”), takes an active part in the largest international forums and conferences in order to present and promote interests of the Association members.

The Association engages authorized international organizations, industry experts to arrange expert evaluations, round tables and to develop related recommendations. It also represents interests of distributed energy in terms of international integration processes.

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