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Award — main industry platform

The International Award «Distributed Power Generation — Great Achievements» is the main industry platform and the only industry award in the world given to companies and organizations for the best projects implemented in the field of distributed power generation in Russia and abroad.

In 2020, for the first time, the key co-organizer of the Prize is the «Business Russia», the country's largest business organization, uniting over 7,000 owners of high-tech companies, having the reducing energy costs issues as a priority.

The IX International Award «Distributed Power Generation — Great Achievements» will be a kind of presentation of the best technological solutions, the strongest projects and teams of the year in front of a professionally oriented audience: business owners, investors, potential partners.

Efficient business tool

Participation in the International Award «Distributed Power Generation — Great Achievements» in the function of a General Partner is an opportunity to:

  1. Present your products and services at a high-status international site of the country — in the headquarters of the All Russia public organization «Business Russia»;
  2. Demonstrate the capabilities of your company to potential customers — members of the «Business Russia» General Council — owners of small, medium and large businesses of various industries;
  3. Establish partnerships and find investors (Russian and foreign) to implement the joint projects;
  4. Promptly get up-to-date information on industry trends, best projects implemented in the field of distributed and alternative power generation;
  5. Попасть в эфир онлайн-трансляции церемонии вручения Премии. В 2020 году трансляцию церемонии посмотрело более 4000 человек.

Regarding partnership participation

Regarding partnership participation in the IX International Award «Distributed Power Generation — Great Achievements»:

Maria Nevolina

Executive Director, Distributed Power Generation Association; Executive Secretary, Subcommittee on Small-Scale Generation of Business Russia


Phone: +7 (904) 813-53-83

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