About the Award

International Award «Distributed Power Generation - Great Achievements»

the main specialized platform and the only industry award in the world which is awarded to companies and organizations for the best implemented projects in the field of small-scale distributed power generation in Russia and abroad

Nomination categories of the award:

1 category

«Best distributed power generation project — power capacity up to 5 MW»

2 category

«Best distributed power generation project — power capacity over 5 MW»

3 category

«Best alternative energy project»

4 category

«Advanced development in the energy sector»

5 category

«Investor of the year in the energy sector»

6 category

«For contribution into the energy sector development»

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History of the Award

The Award has been handed out since 2013. For 8 years about 600 companies and organizations from 12 countries took part in the contest. 37 companies and persons became winners and owners of the main award – the Golden Lightning statuettes. For today the Distributed Power Generation – Great Achievements International Award has secured its status of one of the most influential international industry contest. In 2020, a contestant project of the Distributed Power Generation Association became the winner of the National Award in the field of development of public relations Silver Archer – Ural in the nomination Promotion of Government and Public Programs.

Select the winner

The winners of the Distributed Power Generation – Great Achievements International Award are determined by means of independent vote of the members of the International Expert Council which includes prominent Russian and foreign scientists, representatives of the business community, federal government authority and industry institutions. Since 2020, the online popular vote has also been held at the Award website within which the right to select the strongest projects of the year is given to the entire industry community.
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Association news

June 19, 10:40 am

SPIEF-2023 outlines areas for the development of bilateral relations between Russia and the UAE

26-й Петербургский международный экономический форум завершил свою работу. В этом году ПМЭФ в очередной раз подтвердил статус главного делового события страны. За четыре дня мероприятие посетило 17 тысяч участников из 130 стран, было подписано более 900 соглашений на общую сумму почти 4 трлн рублей. Одним из главных акцентов форума стало участие представительной делегации Объединенных Арабских Эмиратов как страны-гостя ПМЭФ и встреча президентов двух стран - России и ОАЭ - на полях форума. Это еще раз подчеркнуло партнерский характер отношений между государствами и настрой на дальнейшее наращивание торгово-экономического сотрудничества.

June 15, 2:02 pm

Opportunities for industrial clusters in the UAE will be discussed at the panel session of Business Russia in the framework of the Russian SME Forum on the ''zero day'' of SPIEF-2023

On June 14, on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Business Russia held a panel session focused on industrial clusters in the UAE and opportunities they offer to Russian exporters. The event was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Russian Export Center, businesses, and a number of UAE free zones – KEZAD, RAKEZ, Fujairah. The discussion was moderated by Maksim Zagornov, Business Ambassador of Business Russia to the UAE, Director of MKC Group of Companies.

June 8, 11:59 am

Maksim Zagornov, President of the Distributed Power Generation Association celebrates his milestone birthday today

8 июня юбилей отмечает президент Ассоциации малой энергетики, директор Группы компаний «МКС», бизнес-посол «Деловой России» в ОАЭ Максим Загорнов - человек, 18 лет назад с нуля создавший одну из лучших инжиниринговых компаний в стране, сформировавший надежную команду, прошедший вместе с ней не один кризис, нашедший свой путь в жизни, став предпринимателем.

International advisory council

Alexey Repik

Chairman of the All Russia public organization «Business Russia»

Maksim Zagornov

President of the Distributed Power Generation Association, CEO at the MKS Group of Companies, LLC, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Distributed Power Generation of the Energy Committee, Business Ambassador of the «Business Russia» in the UAE 

Sergei Alekseenko

Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Scientific Director of the Institute of Thermophysics, SB RAS, winner of the Global Energy Award

Andrei Pokhozhaev

Senior managing director of RES Investment Division at RUSNANO MC LLC

Valentin Parmon

Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Chairman of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, winner of the Russia State Award on Science and Technology, winner of the «Global Energy» Award

Vasily Zubakin

Head of the Energy and Operational Activities Coordination Department, LUKOIL PJSC

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