Our team

Maksim Zagornov

President of the Distributed Power Generation Association, CEO at the MKS Group of Companies, LLC, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Distributed Power Generation of the Energy Committee, Business Ambassador of the «Business Russia» in the UAE 

Feliks Borisov

Vice President, Chairman of the Bioenergy Committee of the Distributed Power Generation Association, Managing Partner of the PHYSICS OF HEAT Group of companies

Sergei Semyonov

Vice President of Distributed Power Generation Association on Investments and International Cooperation

Pavel Ilyushin

Vice President of the Distributed Power Generation Association, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Head of the Intellectual Electric Power Systems and Distributed Power Generation Centre of Energy Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Maria Nevolina

Executive Director, Distributed Power Generation Association; Executive Secretary, Subcommittee on Small-Scale Generation of Business Russia

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