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May 28, 12:25 pm

Maksim Zagornov appointed to head the distributed power generation subcommittee of the «Business Russia» Energy Committee

President of the Distributed Power Generation Association, CEO of the MKS Group of Companies Maksim Zagornov headed the Distributed Power Generation Subcommittee of the All Russia public organization «Business Russia» Energy Committee. The decision was taken by the President of the organization Pavel Titov on April, 24.

April 29, 10:04 am

Skolkovo estimated the FEC losses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic

Experts estimated the FEC losses caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the drop in oil prices. According to the study published on April, 28 by the «Skolkovo» Moscow School of Management Energy Center «Coronacrisis: the COVID-19 impact on the fuel and energy sector in the world and in Russia» the Russian economy may lose up to 13% per year only caused by the coronavirus pandemic affect on oil and gas and energy companies.