A dynamic industrial union of Russia

We consolidate potential of leading enterprises of the industrial sector: power equipment manufacturers, supply, generation and distribution companies, fuel resources suppliers, design and installation companies as well as investors, representatives of financial institutes, scientific and research organizations, higher education establishments.

We are an effective platform for interaction in order to establish clear regulations in the sphere of distributed and alternative power generation, to ensure interest balance of business, state, investors, society and members of the Association.

Mission of the Association – facilitation of dynamic development of distributed and alternative
power generation in the Russian Federation
Effective integrated solution to achieve outlined objectives
Consolidation of leaders
of the industrial sector
  • Consolidation of top-rank companies of the industrial sector.
  • Generation of competitive market offers.
  • Development of distributer power generation market by efforts of business.

Interaction with authorities
  • Lobbying of the industrial sector’s interests.
  • Development of rules, regulations and legislative initiatives.
  • Development of regulatory and legal base of the industrial sector.
  • Industrial statistical data collection, processing and analysis.
Interaction with financial institutes
  • Creation of effective platform for execution of business co-projects.
  • Search for investments for co—projects.
  • Work as for Energy service contracts scheme.

International cooperation
  • Development of cooperation with key international industrial organizations.
  • Participation in the largest international forums in order to represent interests of the Association members.
  • Engagement of international experts of the industrial sector to the development of appropriate recommendations.

Personnel training
  • Interaction with industry-specific Universities as regard to professional personnel training.
  • Conduct of various professional skill competitions.
  • Proficiency enhancement of the Association members.
  • Arrangement of advanced courses, experience exchange.
Arrangement of nationwide projects
  • Organization and carrying out of the International Award “Distributed power generation – great achievements”
  • Organization of annual topical power generation forums
  • Arrangement of training sessions and workshops involving Russian and foreign leading experts of the industrial sector
Association membership privilege

Engagement in co-projects

Attraction of investments for co-projects

Joint expansion into new markets

Resources aggregation of leading companies of the industrial sector

Overall competence enlargement

Escalation of international cooperation

Development of legislative initiatives

Development of rules and regulations of the industry sector

Cooperation with monopolies and supervisory authorities
Association chief executives
Maksim Zagornov,
the President of the Association
Victoria Zagornova,
the Vice-President of the Association
Andrey Yerokhin,
the Member of Board of Directors